What about me?

How many times a week does this question bubble up in your brain?

What about you? Undoubtedly you are significant, worthy, important and so valued. But, what about you is raising this question of such uncertainty?

What are you stewing over deep down inside, what haven’t you overcome that is affecting your true self and causing you to play the card of ‘entitlement’.

Fairness, justice, kindness, loyalty, even common sense. Everyone has their own versions or opinions of what these mean to them, based on their own characters, values and morals. How can I assume that my version is more significant or valued than yours?

What’s your point Josie? I know, it’s coming!

My point is that none of this crap even matters! What matters is our ability to live and love one another comfortably and honourably. You do not have to like or even agree with the behavior of your neighbour, however, it is in your best interest for survival to accept that these truths are present in this life. Accepting it does not encourage it or condone it, it simply brings you to a place of peace within yourself surrounding it, whatever the it may be.

How often I find myself suffering, grieving over things that I just simply should not. They’re not my burdens, they’re not my fault and they’re not mine to fix. The great news is that there is a person who calls you to cast these strongholds of life over to Him. His name is God and He sent His son Jesus Christ to die on a cross to wash our sins clean away. His blood has paid our debts and His love has the power to heal us, restore us and redeem us, if we just let Him in and call His name.

I have been stuck in such a difficult season of late, I am struggling to pull myself out. Perhaps that’s part of the problem, perhaps the Lord is doing the work in me to grow by leaning more on Him and not myself. This is something I can’t wrap my head around; He wants me to grow, but He wants me to lean more on Him. Gosh God, you make no sense! How am I supposed to grow if you’re going to do it for me? There is such pride attached to this inability of letting go and letting God and an unbelief of His power and love. It is quite frankly that simple; our Heavenly Father calls us to, no, better, expects us to go to him with EVERYTHING! Seeking His guidance and His wisdom in all matters, good and bad.

This one is a tough pill for me to swallow. You too? I love the Lord so deeply and passionately but I feel like I have reached a valley in my spiritual journey where I have developed an attitude towards God because of so much unanswered curiosity. So many unanswered questions and “but why?” moments so frequently hanging over my head.

Two important truths to remember when these thoughts and feelings come up:

1. You are not alone &

2. You are human.

I have found such peace in acknowledging that God gets it, He gets us better than we get ourselves, hence the reason why he expects us to lean on Him for strength and guidance in absolutely all things that come our way.

In His loving and nurturing voice, not always spoken or heard, sometimes seen or imagined, other times delivered by a friend, family member or complete stranger, but always loving and nurturing, He brings us peace by His spirit through its connection to our hearts. Relationship.

Yes, we have been hard-wired and become accustomed to ways of this painful and fallen world, we fall short every day, we question life, love, our parenting ability and our self-worth. Then, we feel love and happiness and 60-80% of our week is generally gotten through with a smile and a grateful heart. We’re like robots, each day much like the next. We fight to get through the day and long for the end of the day to get some sleep to recharge (or to just forget!).

The spiritual realm is ever present in every day and in every one. For some it’s Religion, other’s Christianity. Then, there are those who rely on signs from the universe; the stars, the moon, the grass, the clouds, some people believe and acknowledge that there is definitely more to life and admit that a spiritual force does exist and is present, and there are some who worship the devil and encourage his evil and destruction. No doubt, there are also those who deny the whole thing and believe we just live, work and die (denial is real!).

Free will is a gift, so who am I to judge. However, the point I am trying to make is that everyone relies on a belief system or a spirituality of a higher being and that our time here on the Earth determines where we go and what we become after we die. I feel passionately about sharing with you that God will be with you every step of the way. You are a piece of His puzzle, He created you and the whole world, and if He doesn’t answer your questions, heal your pain, bring justice or fairness to what you are facing, His word and His promises are real and true, as real and true as Him coming into the world in the flesh, dying on a cross and being raised from the dead, and He is always working for your Good. He’s not pushy or cranky or mean and He will not force His way in to your heart, but He is ALWAYS available for you, ready and waiting with arms wide open. Forget everything ‘religious’ all those customs and traditions you remember from those times, once or twice a year, when you went to church. Just focus on starting an unending, unbreakable, eternal relationship with your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He just wants to know you through your eyes and to help and heal you through His. He will show you ways you could never have imagined.

Seek His truth and find your true Self.

Happy Good Friday. Rejoice! Hallelujah!

"Teach me to do you will, for You are my God; let your good spirit lead me on level ground."

Psalm 143:10