His Masterpiece

I had never experienced such a fulfilling life and such a positively colourful perspective, until I became a mum. 

How beautiful is parenthood?! How lucky, blessed and gifted are we to carry, nurture and raise these tiny little people?! We often forget that they're real human beings. These tiny, little, vulnerable, completely dependent little people, and it is our job and our will to raise them up to be great. To be loving and kind. Polite and empathetic. Sensible and brave. Honest and understanding. Thoughtful and wise. Full of passion and driven by faith. 

How amazing is that!

We work so hard every day to ensure that we are presenting ourselves to them as our best versions of ourselves. Leading by example and setting good examples for them to live by and to take with them into life, when they don't need us quite so much.

It isn't always smooth sailing. However, making uncomfortable, unnatural and often difficult choices daily, can surprisingly change the way we respond to and recover from hard times, by simply staying in faith. God makes life far more simple by helping us to remove the emotional, tainted and toxic haze we often feel trapped in. We turn on the television and we're reminded, we open up Facebook or Instagram and we're reminded, we step outside and do life and we're reminded. But, just because something is everywhere doesn't make it right.

It is not, by any means a 'simple' shift to make. Changing your thinking, rearranging your priorities, giving things up that once seemed so important. But, looking back, after learning to listen to and live by the word of God, and pressing on no matter how hard we have to fight, it truly is the most simple, most rewarding and most life changing choice to make. Choose Jesus. Choose faith. Choose to love you!

I was once lost and searching for the best possible chance for my beautiful son, my perfect blessing, my gift from God. Coming to Christ has shown me that through Him we truly have everything we need. When we're right and in a good place, we give our kids our best and more often than not, their response is also positive, and on the off days, we're better equipped, emotionally and spiritually to cope and to deal with and better address the issues that do come up.

There are constant struggles, plenty of them, but we always have a choice. Stay in the pain, the hurt and the fear. Or, fight. We need to fight, we need to stand boldly and know that God has already won and we who believe in God have won, our destiny is eternity.

Parenthood is something you can never be fully ready for. However, and in saying that, I don't think there is anything that can come more naturally to us when the time does come. It is what we are made to do, it is what God intended, and it is that alone that strengthens and encourages us to take the role, along with the good and the bad, very seriously. Our children NEED to know the Lord. Until they reach a level of maturity where they are able to fight the fight and find the discipline it takes to commit to the Lord willingly and by choice, until then, it is our job to carry that for them. In Jesus' name, He will cover us and cover them but we first must commit and lay foundations for them, and know and trust that He will always come through.

Every day I pray to the Lord, asking Him to help me to be a better mother, every day I need Him to help me to be better and do better. I ask for more patience, tolerance, for wise alternatives, for His heart and to make better choices. Choices are a big, bold topic in my conversations with myself in my time of reflection. Everyday we are filled to the brim with choices and I really think that it's a really good idea and a super wise start, to a much better and much brighter future, for us to start making good and better choices. It starts with us, one person, His masterpiece, and it just pours right out, touching everyone you have contact with and those you tirelessly pray for. It is so evident and beautifully spiritual, but something happens when you consciously make that shift and decide that it is time to do and to be better.

I pray that you find comfort and revelation in the act of goodwill. Make the choice. Find peace in stepping out of the realm of comfort and into growth and a full life.

"For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago."

Ephesians 2:10