In the Still of the Night

Where are you at right now? How perfect is life and love and relationships and your complexion and your hair, eyebrows & waistline, when your in that season where the sun is shining so brightly and you imagine yourself in a safe, positivity bubble that will float along peacefully, forever! Then, roughly 16 days into your cycle or right after a crisis, it starts hailing and the bubble pops *POP!* And you suddenly find that person you were a second ago is a perfect stranger to this new, glum, irritable you! Sound familiar? May I give you some sound advice? Hands down THE BEST advice I have ever been given and will be THE BEST advice you will ever receive, ever! Pray. Just pray. Call on the one and only perfect man who set us free and who loves us SO much, and pour out your heart to him. Cast your deepest, darkest cares to Him and just watch Him set you free. Seek God, regardless of where you are with Him, He is waiting with His arms open wide, for you, just as you are. I heard this thing in church a few weeks back. It was referring to a person's perception of God, being that He's this big, old mean and cranky man, just basically waiting to tell us all our flaws and all about how naughty we have been. I cried, like a little baby I sat and I wept. My heart was hurting so bad at the very thought of someone so perfect and gracious and merciful and just so marvellous, could be so wrongly perceived. I have been blessed with this revelation because I have seen and felt and have been transformed by His love. He is healing my heart and making me better. Better to myself and better to other's. I'm learning to draw in what He pours out and I'm choosing to share it and spread it and through the good Lord, help other's. In Jesus' name. I feel tired of watching and waiting, I've discovered that God gave me a heart and a voice and such a passion for people. The most amazing thing is that he gave it to you too. Things are happening today, more so than ever before. Depression, suicide, terminal illnesses. There are too many people being robbed of hearing good news. There's a whole book about it, it's called 'The Bible', the best read I've ever had, particularly the New Testament. For those of you who prefer the App Store, there's also a fantastic Bible App available. You can choose from all different plans and devotionals that appeal to you in certain seasons and it's just a great way to stay in faith and stay driven by the Word.

There is even a beautiful seat in a beautiful church and church community just waiting to welcome you and love you and guide you, as you are! Just because it's God's will for us to love and to be loved. My truth is Jesus. Even in the darkest times, in the toughest struggles, when I'm down and out and feeling like I'm stranded in the wilderness. My perfect merciful, gracious Saviour pulls me out, in His timing, He makes me stronger, wiser and happier than I've ever been before. It's amazing, it almost doesn't make sense. Can I tell you, it isn't supposed to, it's called faith and it is powerful stuff, man! May God bless you and guide you and fill you with peace from the still of the night, through the wilderness and all the way into eternity. "For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love." Galatians 5:13 NLT