Our Tale



Guided by God. Inspired by my baby boy ♡

Five years ago, God blessed me with a beautiful little bear, my incredible baby boy, Tyson, who has done amazing things to me as a person and in my life - including, inspiring me to create this fabulous Kids' Label.

I have also since been blessed with the most precious and adorable baby girl, Coco, who is 6 months old and an absolute delight.


I always wanted to make clothes or make something, I just wanted to create stuff. My beautiful, late grandmother, was an extremely talented wedding dressmaker. As a child, I remember watching her work away and I was so inspired. I figured; it was in my blood!

I started playing around on my sewing machine with off-cuts and old clothes. Going in completely blind, I taught myself to create some great products.


Sewing and creating, for me personally, has been great therapy in a busy and super wonderful life.

I am very grateful to God, for life and for my ability and the many opportunities there for the taking.


I had an idea and I went with it. I said to myself, “just start!”


Every idea, big or small, starts from a teeny tiny thought. But you just never ever know where it could take you. Just start! Get inspired! Above all, just start and be grateful, give thanks for everyday and the inspiration will flow!


● Love ♡&♡ Light ●


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